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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 31, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PST

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman, and it's new year's eve and we have the best videos of 2012 "right this minute." a big jumper gets ready to launch off a cliff. >> but watch what happens. whoa! >> no, no. >> witness the fall and the midair miracle that saves him. feeding time for a lion family is interrupted by one unwelcome dinner guest. >> it's a crocodile. >> see the amazing turn of events, and meet the guy who got
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it on video. >> once in a lifetime experience. >> a van plows into a store where a woman has no clue what's about to hit her. the story behind the customer who cheated death. plus, a gorilla that might be getting a little too much fiber. and get ready to get your wo womp womp on. it's time to celebrate new year's eve "right this minute." >> this video is nerve racking. this was during a shoot for a series they have called "normal madness." the guy you're seeing here, richard henrikson, he's a surgeon who also enjoys going base jumping. this is where they are base jumping from during this shoot. as you can see, they've rigged up a high bar apparatus for
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richard. richard also has a passion for gymnastics, so he decided to meld the two of his passions together, gymnastics and b.a.s.e. jumping. this is how richard is going to begin his b.a.s.e. jump. he has his pack on, ready to go. this is his launch, but watch what happens. >> no, no, no. >> a bolt breaks, the apparatus comes apart, and richard goes tumbling. nrk has some additional angles of this incident. let me show you these. as the apparatus breaks, watch right here, you see his head almost crack up against the rocks. >> wow. >> from above, you can see just in the nick of time he's able to get his chute out, but the apparatus is now falling down
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towards him. that also narrowly misses richard. richard's okay. you see him in this video watching this clip over and over with his family, but richard is lucky. this is dash cam footage from the patrol car of officer k kenneth angeleni. he's on the way to a call. on the way to the call, you do see him speeding up to about 77 miles an hour and cars pulling off to the side like they are supposed to. when he reaches this intersection here, a truck pulls out right in front of him, and as he tries to swerve, manages to clip the truck, and at 77 miles an hour mashes right into that house.
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>> he's going super fast, which is okay, but you still have to approach these intersections with caution. you just can't assume people hear and see you. >> if you look really closely, it looks like the light of the officer just turned green, which makes it seem the truck was trying to beat the yellow light. >> even if the light turns green, somebody could be in the middle of the intersection. >> the officer was taken to the hospital, he was okay, the truck driver wasn't injured either. nobody in the house suffered injuries. >> people could have been injured or killed, including the officer. i think this is one of the most incredible videos that you will ever see. let's go to in africa to the bush camp, to be specific, the place where guests can come and experience africa. what we're seeing is two adult female lions and five cubs who
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have just caught and killed an impala, and they are chowing down, having breakfast together. >> big family meal. >> but look what is headed directly toward them. it's a crocodile. does he stand a chance against a hungry mama and her cubs? >> well, right now we'll find out. it's time for crocodile versus lion. crocodile is creeping in towards these lions. of course, they are having an exciting meal together. mama lion looks up, senses the danger, but crocodile ain't having it. crocodile comes in, scares the two dealt female lions away, and begins to take part of the impala from the chowing lions. and look at them go. >> are you kidding me? four or five lions can get that trunk by a crocodile?
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>> this lion is furious. no, he didn't come into our territory and take my lunch. >> ballsy crocodile. where no man -- check that -- where this man has gone before. jeff mackly is an adventurer and this is a lava lake, it's a chain of volcanic islands in the south pacific. he is standing at the end. it's 2,100 degrees farenheit. he's wearing a heat-resistant suit. he's also wearing breathing apparatus to be there. took them an entire expedition, about 35 days, to achieve this. they had to run a string of ropes down into the crater of this volcano, withstand crummy weather. if you flip and fall, you're
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toast. >> looks like he's standing on the surface of the sun. >> to explain what it feels like to stare into mother earth is jeff himself. >> it's truly hot, we did a bit of a test, went on the edge without the breathing apparatus and the suit. you could stand the heat roughly six seconds, then you had to run away. >> how close did you get to the lava? >> about 80 feet. >> what is your body feeling, what is the experience? >> people say it's like the surface of the sun, it's like that. i was able to withstand the heat for 40 minutes before the air in the tank wore out. it was an out of world experience. >> did you do this because you wanted to be the first? >> in this modern age, there are have few places, if any, you can stand and say i am the first
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person to have been there. more people have been on the moon than down there. a big snowstorm leads to a frantic rescue. >> you see, that's a sheep's head poking out. >> why this sheep wasn't the only one who spent a week buried alive. and she may not have arms, but she sure can shower. >> wash my legs and feet. >> wow, she is so incredible. >> see how she did it "right
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terrifying moments as two people crash through a georgia jewelry store. look. [ screaming ] that's a mini van that came crashing through the jewelers in athens, georgia. reports say that the driver of
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this van made a right-hand turn in the parking lot and crashed right through. the driver claims something through her back seat rolled up front and jammed underneath her brake pad. fortunately, looks like the van didn't hit anybody, just hit merchandise. there were multiple angles of this crash and someone was hit. check out this angle, 63-year-old customer sitting down as she's being helped by one of the employees. has no clue what's about to hit her right in the back. >> oh, my god! that didn't miss her at all. it hit her smack in the back. >> catapulting h aut 15 feet. she was transported and released from the hospital. some say 12 stiffs to the back of the head. a window frame hit her in the back of the head, if you believe that. >> unbelievable she just needed stitches. it's mind blowing.
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popped up on the internet because she has a blog where she shows us she can do something without her arms. this time -- >> i want to show you guys how i take showers. wait, i already took a shower today, and i'm not dirty. let's get started! >> she rinses off, sits down, uses her feet to get soapy and rub the soap in. >> i wash my legs and my feet. >> oh, wow. >> she is so incredible. it's just absolutely incredible to watch her. she's flexible, she's like a gymnast the way she can bend her legs and her body, but she's so open. and i'm sure that makes anybody else who sees her videos feel so comfortable in their own skin, because she's so comfortable in hers. >> the bottle says run your fingers through your hair, well, that's bull [ bleep ]. i make an exception.
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i run my toes through my hair. >> she's doing an amazing job. i mean, look at her. and now she has to dry off. >> that's how you shower when you have no arms. >> i have talked to her, this is awesome. what we know about iceland, it's cold, it snows a lot. this video shows the aftermath of a bad snowstorm in the mountains of north iceland. thousands of sheep were unaccounted for and buried alive. in this video, we're seeing a rescue from one of 300 iceland search and rescue workers who were sent to the scene after the storm calmed down. they were able to get four-wheel drive, atvs, and snowmobiles up to the area to pull the sheep from underneath the snow. they were buried in levels that were almost ten feet. look in this video, you see that's a sheep's head that's
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poking out, and that sheep was still alive. some of these sheep were buried for almost a week. >> in that hole? >> yes. as the video goes on, you start to see the sheep. they are able to pull this sheep out of this huge amount of snow. it's alive. according to the iceland review, the majority of the sheep that were dug from this snow are alive. thousands of them still unaccounted for. so many sheep in this area. well, farmers when their lambs are born in the spring, sort of chase them up to the mountains where they can graze for the summer and graze like wild animals. this snowstorm came out of nowhere. wool is a big expert, as well as the meat, so it was imperative to save as many as they could. >> they had all that wool to protect them. >> it's a fact that the icelandic sheep are very tough, they are some of the most rugged
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animals in the world, and their wool is very rough that it can protect them in extreme cold. >> how did they get oxygen that far down beneath the surface? i'm amazed that they lasted as long as they did. adventure drivers squeeze into narrow caves, and -- >> it is terrifying. >> how do they get out, how do they turn around? >> meet the cave diver with all the answers. >> it's not as bad as you think it is. and it's cotton mouth versus rattlesnakes. >> the fight is on! >> find out which deadly predator [ male announcer ] subway has so many
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[ female announcer ] with a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] it's a triple-play bundle that's hard to beat. same great price. two whole years. price promise. [ female announcer ] that has a nice ring to it. [ male announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ i'm going to ask you all to take a very deep breath and try to put aside your fears of confined spaces. i'm going to take you cave diving. this is castle rock cave in wisconsi that teeny hole in the rock where that water is gushing from is where these divers i straigh. it is terrifying. i never thought i had a fear of confined spaces until i started watching this. >> i really -- oh, really closer phobic. >> basically, they are pushing their air tanks in front of them through the path they are trying
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to go. the other crazy part about this is there's a photographer down there shooting all this. his name is richard drayer. he's the photographer taking video of these guys. watch this part. the space gets so small, he has to take off his helmet to get through. are you kidding me? >> how do they get out? how do they turn around? they are in there, you're stuck, it's small, and there's water. >> to answer some of the questions we have, we have the photographer joining us right this minute via skype. richard, we're freaking out just watching this video. you got to tell us what it's like to be down there. >> well, it's a little tight, but it's not as bad as you think it is once you get inside. can't be clausterphobic, though. >> how do you get out? >> five-point turn, kind of wiggle back and forth until you get yourself turned around and back out. >> you mean to tell me that
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there's no big open cavern that you're crawling to get to, it's just a tiny hole going in and coming out? >> if there is a big hole, we haven't found it at the end. the original reason it was explored was to find dry cave and passage at the end, but we've explored about 500 feet and it keeps getting tighter and tighter. >> who do you do when you finally make it out? >> big sigh of relief. you're our hip hop expert. >> really? >> i want to find out when this song is going to be auto tuned and on the billboard 100. >> all one more time. >> my name -- ♪ >> so apparently in birmingham, because this video is called "mr. womp womp birmingham," not only do you get your window
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washed, you get a show with it. ♪ >> people in the video are clearly enjoying it so much so they enjoyed it. >> my name is -- ♪ >> but you know what, he's also a businessman. listen to this. >> hey, i'm going to holler at you when i come back. >> i think he deserved a little more for that performance. >> this could be mr. womp womp's break-out video. ♪
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it's a rare moment in nature caught on camera when this lady gorilla gets a bit too comfortable. she just sits down, starts enjoying a little bamboo chute. >> yep, let's see what she
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prankster is at it again, and this time he's making people bug out.
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walking around the beach with an exterminator suit on telling people he's spraying for caulk roaches. the entire video is set to the ghostbuster's theme. >> whatever it is, i don't want to get sprayed with it. >> why? >> people do get very upset. >> that's toxic, you putting that right in my face, man? >> i'm surprised he didn't get punched. >> he almost did. >> what's wrong with you, man? >> does anybody catch on to this guy? not until he breaks the news, buthe best partsh somebody -- >> did it get on your skin? going to eat your flesh in about five minutes. oh, i got it on you? >> yeah! >> i'm sorry, you really need to get in the water. >> here's where he breaks it to people he's just messing with them. pick your predator. the formidable cotton mouth or
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always deadly eastern rattlesnake. cotton mouth, rattlesnake. >> rattlesnake. >> he shot this sequence in southern miami. he went out to film some pythons that farmers were complaining about, but instead of the python, he captured these two. you see the cotton mouth above the rattlesnake below, and the fight is on. >> it's a wrap. >> that was a neck shot right off the bat. >> i picked wisely, it looks like. >> wow, he's going to eat the snake. >> oh, yeah, the cotton mouth injects the rattlesnake with venom. the head swells, and before you know it, he starts munching. snake on snake action here. cannibalism, right?
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cotton mouth are known to be opportunistic eaters. took about 45 minutes before it finished its meal. while the rattlesnake was halfway into the belly, it was still rattling. >> what? >> the end of the video you see him sitting there kind of fat and happy. he looks a little girthier than prior rattlesnake meal. something was caught on camera that we don't often experience. i'm going to call this video "gorillas in the wind." >> "gorillas in the wind." >> this is in rwanda. that's a female. not something you catch on camera often, especially this close. she doesn't seem to be alarmed by the camera, and she just sits down, starts enjoying a little bamboo chute. >> she's eating a lot
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looks a little fatter. >> look at that belly. >> sounded potent. what's your girlfriend smell like? talk about a rare moment. >>


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